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Coastal Fire Centre - Category 2 and Category 3 open fire prohibition.

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DG Volunteer Fire Department

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Emergency Management
Emergency Support Services Volunteers Needed!
The Village of Daajing Giids has established an Emergency Management Committee under our Emergency Measures Bylaw consisting of the Fire Chief, Chief Administrative Officer, Superintendent of Public Works and one member of Council. We are looking for a member from the community who is prepared to work with us and help establish and organize an Emergency Support Service Group (ESS).

What is ESS? Emergency Support Services (ESS) is an emergency response program delivered by local authorities to meet the basic needs of local residents who are affected by disasters. ESS provides short-term support in a compassionate manner following disasters ranging from a single house fire to large evacuations caused by emergencies like wildfires and floods. These supports enable people to re-establish themselves as quickly as possible after an emergency or disaster.

Under the BC Emergency Program Act (EPA) and Local Authority Emergency Management Regulation, local authorities are responsible for planning and responding to emergency events within their jurisdiction. This includes coordinating the provision of food, clothing, shelter, transportation and medical services for their residents. ESS is a locally managed program under the public safety lifeline volunteer (PSLV) program.

If you have experienced in this field or if you are interested, please contact our Chief Administrative Officer for more information.
 Phone: 250-559-4765 Email:
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Fire Bans and Restrictions

Fire Danger Rating

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in keeping Haida Gwaii safe from wildfire risks. Your safety is our top priority. Stay informed and stay safe!